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We developed Bubble Paper™ to push the limits of paper and deliver an eco-friendly cushioning wrap that’s both versatile and super effective. From
cushioning to thermal protection, this is a novel solution.

Bubble Paper™ packaging is designed to squeeze the most protection possible from a single piece of paper. Whether it’s our cushioning wrap, PaperIce box™ liners, or padded mailers, Bubble Paper will make sure your valuable items get where they need to go in great shape and at a safe temperature

Bubble Paper is a proud member of the How2Recycle® program.

The How2Recycle program is a division of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, developed to increase awareness and ease around how to dispose of packaging. To learn more about the program, click here.

All Bubble Paper™ solutions are curbside recyclable and biodegradable, designed as a direct replacement for plastic bubble film wrap, styrofoam, and starch-based bio foam products. Switch to Bubble Paper™ and reduce unnecessary plastic and material waste that is unlikely to ever be recycled.

Primary Benefits
– A sustainable alternative to single use plastics that utilizes well-managed renewable resources.
– Paper is easily recyclable compared to plastic films.
– Maximum material recovery compared to other sustainable solutions
– Does not leave any oily residue or film on packaged items.
– Water resistant / low absorption
– Bubble Paper™ wrap uses much less storage space than conventional inflated plastic bubble film wraps (5x more product ships per pallet).