Sustainable Development Goals

Bubble Paper believes in the mission of the United Nations in bringing the world together around a common sustainability agenda by working towards achieving all 17 stated goals. Below we have highlighted the goals where we feel as though our company is contributing most to the UN SDG agenda. Click on the tiles below to see how Bubble Paper products are addressing and helping bring the SDG goals to reality.

Zero Hunger

Despite having a global food surplus, there is still rampant hunger and food inequality at a global level. Many new eco-friendly packaging solutions are made with materials derived from food crops such as corn, potatoes, cassava, and sugar cane. While we believe these solutions are a good replacement for traditional plastics, we also believe they should be used minimally in order to not divert land and food resources away from feeding and ensuring proper nutrition for all people across the planet. This is a significant reason for why we promote paper originating from sustainably managed forests as the most viable option for sustainable packaging.

Clean Water And Sanitation

Processing materials is usually dirty and involves the use of water — both in production and recycling. This is difficult to avoid and waste water sanitation is very important towards preserving the natural environment. Compared to starch-based foams, recycling paper introduces a minimal amount of starch into the waste water system. In the recycling process, starch dissolves into water after the material is shredded, changing the chemical composition of the water. The starch is difficult to capture, adding complexity to the purification the waste water. At scale, the introduction of large quantities of starch into waste water systems can cause both environmental and mechanical challenges.

Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

Innovation must be engrained into industry and provided the proper pathways to be implemented in a timely manner. Large corporations have the ability to make substantial impacts, but usually at a slow rate. Small organizations tend to innovate quickly and develop impactful ideas, but often lack the resources necessary to scale these concepts to an impactful level. Regardless of the organization and its size, a large addressable market and product market fit are critical to deploying innovative and impactful concepts / solutions at scale. We view Bubble PaperTM as a challenger brand and emerging market segment leader that can bridge the challenges of the innovation cycle by developing and implementing novel concepts while leveraging large and fully-developed supply chains to enable sustained growth that facilitates permanent, positive change within the industry.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Resource efficiency and material recovery + recycling are critical towards achieving more sustainable urban life. For this to happen in the short-term, new environmentally-friendly packaging for all types of products must be compatible with current Municipality Recycling Facility (MRF) equipment and must be capable of being recycled into new, functional products. Minimal potentially recoverable material must be sent to landfills. Part of the equation is how easy it is to recycle materials. While many plastics are technically recyclable, they can be difficult and expensive to recycle. The likelihood of these materials actually being recycled is very low, and is one of the reasons that single use plastic bans are becoming more common — especially in coastal cities where populations are higher and landfill space is minimal. Fully curbside recyclable paper packaging solutions will play a significant roll in the sustainable development of waste disposal practices in cities and improving the vitality of those communities.

Responsible Consumption And Production

In order to create and consume products responsibly, we must understand the various factors and conditions not only with how these products are made, but also with how they are disposed of at the end of their product life. Some of the factors contributing to responsible consumption and production are raw material sourcing, resource efficient manufacturing, quality working conditions, minimizing process waste and ensuring that consumption waste can be transformed into new products that reduce the need for virgin materials. Bubble PaperTM strives to source raw materials only from reputable sources, working with suppliers who share in the support of global sustainability initiatives. We design our products to utilize only materials that are widely recyclable across the world and work diligently to minimize process waste and energy consumption within our manufacturing practices.

Climate Action

Bubble PaperTM recognizes that the world in the midst of an environmental crisis that if left uncorrected will negatively impact generations to come. For this reason, we are dedicated to developing packaging solutions that help to reduce environmental impacts common to products produced by the packaging industry. Society must find solutions that balance continued economic growth with achieving time-sensitive sustainability objectives.

Life Below Water

Plastic waste found in oceans and freshwater environments pose a significant threat to global ecosystems. They can also be harmful to our health, as these plastics are consumed by aquatic creatures and enter our food supply. Unfortunately, litter and waste entering the natural environment is unavoidable. Packaging solutions must be designed to cause as little harm as possible if they make their way into the natural environment. In the chance that Bubble PaperTM products are disposed of improperly, the paper and other naturally-derived plant based materials will decompose / biodegrade quickly with minimal negative impacts.

Like on Land

Land degradation, loss of biodiversity and pollution are all challenges that we will continue to face throughout this century. The proper management of natural resources and waste generated from our consumption behaviors will be critical towards preserving land-based ecosystems. Within the paper industry deforestation is a major concern. Therefore, we work with paper and other material manufactures who provide transparency into their operations and sustainability objectives —providing impact reports that show continual progress towards achieving their future sustainability goals.

Partnerships for the Goals

We support the belief that progress towards achieving the SDG goals is more efficient and more effective when developing mutually beneficial partnerships. For that reason, we work to forge relationships with NGO organizations, universities, companies and customers who share in their belief of making forward progress for both people and planet.