Bubble Paper™ Cushioning Wrap

The best bubbles don’t pop! Sorry.

Bubble PaperTM cushioning wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic
bubble wrap packaging made entirely from Kraft paper. Bubble films take up a lot of
space, are hard to recycle, and usually end up in the trash. We invented Bubble PaperTM
to solve these problems once and for all!

• Wrap parts and products for cushioning protection
• Leaves no oily plastic residue on packed items
• Perforated every 12 inches for easy tear off
• Curbside Recyclable
• Biodegradable

Bubble Paper Pattern

Paper IceBoxTM Liners

Need to keep something cool? No sweat.

PaperIceTM box liners offer the best in thermal shipping protection for temperature sensitive and cold-chain items. Simply stated, our liners keep your products cooler for longer while in transit It’s basically magic!

Paper IceBoxTM liners provide great cushioning too. The box liners add a cushy protective barrier between the shipping box and fragile items packed inside, such as ceramics and glassware.

• Excellent protection for perishable foods, medical products, and fragile items
• Easy to use, 2 piece construction
• 60+ % recycled content
• Curbside recyclable with no disassembly required
• Biodegradable
• Ships Flat compared to bulky styrofoam / EPS products

Paper Icebox

Bubble Paper™ Mailers

All squish. No concerns.

Our Bubble PaperTM padded shipping mailers are simple, sustainable, and designed for
single job — to keep your stuff safe in the mail.

• Mail your fragile items with confidence
• Reduce plastic waste
• Leaves no oily plastic residue on packed items
• 50+ % recycled content
• Curbside Recyclable
• Biodegradable

Bubble Paper Mailer