Better packaging for a better planet

"I really wanted to find a partner who had environmentally friendly packaging that reflected the core values of our brand."

Samotria Holmes

Founder + CEO, Holmes Sweet Home

need to keep something cool? no sweat

Our Paper Icebox™ box liners offer the best in thermal protection for temperature sensitive and cold-chain items, with proven 72-hour thermal protection.

The easy to use, 2-piece design provides excellent protection for perishable foods, medical products, and fragile items.

Leading R value thermal protection
Low carbon footprint
One step curbside recyclable
Bubble Paper Icebox Liner
Bubble Paper Icebox Liner
Bubble Paper Icebox

the best bubbles don't pop, sorry

Bubble Paper cushioning wrap are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bubble packaging. Bubble films take up lots of space, are hard to recycle, and usually end up in the trash where they pollute the planet for the next 1,000 years. We invented Bubble Paper to solve these problems once and for all.

Natural paper leaves no residue
20X less carbon emissions than plastic wrap
Curbside recyclable
Bubble Paper
Bubble Paper
Bubble Paper Box

The truth (hurts) about
comparable products

EPS Cooler
Cornstarch Liner
EPS coolers and cornstarch liners have low thermal protection and leave behind residue when hot or humid
Bubble Paper Icebox™ has a proven 72 hours of thermal protection and leaves no residue
Plastic Wrap
Plastic Wrap
Plastic Nuts
EPS coolers, cornstarch liners, and plastic bubble film are not curbside recyclable and can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade- that's more than 100 times as long as it takes the human body
Bubble Paper products are curbside recyclable and biodegradable
Poly Mailer
Kraft Mailer
Kraft Polly Mailer
EPS coolers, cornstarch liners, and plastic bubble film have a 5-20x higher carbon footprint than Bubble Paper products
Bubble Paper products are made from sustainably sourced, natural materials and are manufactured with minimal process waste