we give a ship.

Bubble Paper products are a higher-performing, planet-friendly replacement for the plastic shipping solutions of yesterday. Suited for even the most fragile or temperature sensitive items, our products are sustainable from their manufacture to their disposal.

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Cookie and Wine
Carrots and Popsicle
Bubble Paper Icebox

Bubble Paper Icebox™

Ships and preserves temperatures for wine, frozen foods, confectionary treats, meal kits, electronics, and more.

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Bubble Paper
Jar and Cup

Bubble Paper

Protects ceramics, sauces, spices, small glassware, ornaments, soaps and candles, etcetera.

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Bubble Paper Mailer

Bubble Paper Mailers

Ships books, makeup, hand-crafted items, jewelry, stickers and wearable merchandise.

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We are bubble Paper,
sustainable renewable recyclable biodegradable

High-performance, environmentally-friendly packaging is not the product of the future- it's the product of the present.

Bubble Paper products outperform plastic bubble film wrap, styrofoam, and starch-based bio foam products from start to finish. All of our packaging solutions are made with Kraft paper from sustainably managed forests, manufactured using Triple Bottom Line best practices, and are both curbside recyclable and biodegradable.

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